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Haw Creek Park Greenway

The neighborhood association that brought you Haw Creek Park and Masters Park is undertaking a campaign to bring the first-ever public greenway to the Haw Creek valley. This greenway will run alongside our namesake Haw Creek allowing, for the first time, public access to the creek.

The greenway will link treasured community attractions – the East Asheville Public Library, Haw Creek Park, our charming commercial area – with the surrounding residential area and the nearby elementary school. Imagine the joy of walking along the creek to access these, or just stopping by for a relaxing streamside picnic.

The Haw Creek Community Association is working to raise the estimated $78,000 budget needed to complete the greenway in 2024. Although most of the funding will come from grants, residents from within the Haw Creek community have contributed more than $10,000. We are very grateful for these important donations, which will help demonstrate broad-based community support and significantly increase our chances for success in obtaining the grants.

Make a Donation 

Haw Creek Park Greenway Campaign contributions will be used to:

  • Help create a bucolic, walkable connection between fun places to visit in Haw Creek, like the library, park, grade school, and commercial district.
  • Enable all residents to enjoy what would be the first and only public access to our namesake Haw Creek.
  • Show strong community support to targeted grant making organizations, helping convince them to award us the bulk of funding required.

With designs in hand and enthusiastic approval from all landowners whose property is involved, we are moving forward to secure the funding needed. We presented the project to Connect Buncombe in November and after receiving their endorsement have submitted an application for a $5,000 mini-grant. 

We have had meetings with the Open Space Bond project manager to ensure that our request will meet Buncombe County's funding criteria. We are finalizing our proposal and expect to submit it shortly after the application process opens. Our request for the remainder of the funds needed will be well within the overall Passive Recreation funds available. 

HCCA has a track record of success on community-driven projects. By working in partnership with local and state government, foundations, and our neighbors, we have been able to accomplish valued and lasting improvements for the Haw Creek community. We believe this greenway will provide these same long-lasting benefits.

Photos of the current path that will become the greenway and Haw Creek. 

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