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Haw Creek Traffic Study

12/24/2023 6:30 AM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

Thanks to a neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous, funding has become available for an independent traffic study designed to evaluate the impact of the proposed 95-unit subdivision at 767 New Haw Creek Road. New Haw Creek Road will be studied to determine the operational and safety impacts of the development. In addition, four locations of interest will be evaluated. 

Specific areas of interest:

New Haw Creek Road at Bell Road. Located 850' from the proposed driveway for the development, this two-way stop intersection presents queue spillback issues during school drop off and pickup from Evergreen Community Charter School. 

Old Haw Creek Road at Bethesda Road. This two-way stop intersection presents queue spillback issues during school drop off and pickup from Haw Creek Elementary School. 

New Haw Creek Road at Beverly Road. Located approximately one mile from the proposed driveway, this two-way stop intersection presents queue spillback issues for those traveling on Beverly Road. 

New Haw Creek Road at Crockett Avenue. Located approximately 1.6 miles from the proposed driveway, this location is composed of a signalized intersection at US70 and Crockett Avenue and a closely-spaced downstream two-way stop intersection at Crockett Avenue and New Haw Creek Road. The left turn queue along US70 frequently spills back to the end of the turn lane. Additionally, left and right turning vehicles regularly queue at the yield/stop sign of the northbound approach of Crockett Avenue at New Haw Creek Road, which could spill back to US70.

Scope of Work: 

Task 1: Trip Generation and Distribution. This task will estimate the expected number of trips generated by the proposed development and the resulting trip distribution. 

Task 2: Data Collection. Each of the four locations of interest have been identified as having queue spillback issues. As such, our team will deploy a contractor to collect turning movement counts and queue lengths in 15-minute intervals during peak hour travel times for each intersection. 

Task 3: Intersection Sight Distance. This task will review potential intersection sight distance concerns at New Haw Creek and Beverly Roads. 

Task 4: Memorandum detailing findings. Our team will provide a report detailing the findings from each task. A web-based meeting will be utilized to provide details on the findings to supplement the report. 

The study results are expected by March 1, 2024.

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