Haw Creek Park Improvement Committee

Haw Creek Park Improvement Committee

Hi All,
thanks for coming out today and getting to know each other and the park a little better. Let me know if I missed anything below.
Couple of our ideas:
  • increasing the connectivity between the park itself and the creek, greenway trail
  • identify what trees, vegetation; what could stay or go?
  • supporting wildlife (bats, butterflies, birds)
  • make sure our park is great, and increase it’s use
Couple reminders and to-do’s:
  • Bebe will work to contact someone about the arborist/identification help
  • Jack will reach out to a contact from Beloved Asheville
  • Jim will connect with someone from City Parks re: bathroom service
Next meeting:
7/11/22 @ 5:30pm at Haw Creek Park picnic shelter
Thank you,
Jim Brunner