Masters Park Trail Wildflowers

All the wildflower images in the gallery below (over 200 different species) were taken using a smartphone camera.  The flowers were located and identified along the short stretch of Maple Drive near Masters Park, along the park trail itself, and along the short walk, on the connecting Mountains-to-Sea Trail, to the Haw Creek valley overlook rock and its surroundings.
For a complete list of the over 210 different wildflower species found along the above-described route, click or tap here.

The wildflower images in this gallery are, for the most part, arranged in the order of their bloom season — spring, summer, and then fall.

Hover/click/tap on an image to see a caption with the flower’s name, as well as a larger image, and an option to view the images in a slideshow.      An ” * ” (asterisk), after a flower’s name, indicates a non-native species.