Community Conversations Sept. 27th

When does a neighborhood become a community? Through connections between its residents! Join us for Community Conversations, a HCCA-sponsored opportunity to talk with and get to know your fellow denizens of Haw Creek. This is a fun and casual event, open to any adult who lives in the Haw Creek Valley. All you need to bring is curiosity about your fellow residents and a willingness to share your own story with others.

The next conversation event takes place at the Haw Creek Commons (basement of the Bethesda United Methodist Church, 315 OHC Rd)) from 7:00-9:00 on Tuesday, September 27th. We hope you join us to meet new people and potential friends. More details? Contact Rick Fornoff at

Community Yard Sale October 8th – NEW DATE!

Plan ahead to reserve your spot at Groce UMC for the fall yard sale Sat. Oct. 8th from 8am to 1pm. Sponsored by the Haw Creek Community Association, vendor spots are $15. To reserve your space, call or text Leslie Morris at (828) 231-2745 or The spring yard sale was a hit so don’t miss out.

If you’d like to print out and share the flier, click HCCA 2022 Yard Sale Flyer Fall Oct.

Clean & Green Committee Reclaims Overgrown Sidewalks

Although Asheville ordinances call for property owners to keep sidewalks free of grass and snow, sometimes a little help is needed. Led by Haw Creek Community Asso. members Marti Terry-Purdy, Doug Baughman, Linda Fornoff and Georgena Millar, weed-filled sidewalks on New Haw Creek Rd. are looking fresh and shiny after their recent efforts.

Want to get involved in helping Haw Creek look its best? Join the Clean & Green Committee to make a difference, plus have fun and meet neighbors. Details? contact Christina Maggi at

Change of Date: Community Conversations

Community Conversations

Monday the 27th of June!

You are invited to a conversation with your neighbors!

The Haw Creek Community Association will host a get-to-know-you evening for all residents on Monday 27 June.

This will be the first in a series of one-on-one conversations with fellow Haw Creek residents.

Please join us!

– Susan Michael and Rick Fornoff

Haw Creek Commons, Monday June 27th, at 7:00. 

Community Conversations

Community Conversations


You are invited to a conversation with your neighbors!

The Haw Creek Community Association will host a get-to-know-you evening for all residents on Monday 27 June.

This will be the first in a series of one-on-one conversations with fellow Haw Creek residents.

More details will come as the date gets closer, meanwhile save the date!

– Susan Michael and Rick Fornoff

Haw Creek Commons, Monday June 27th, at 7:00. 


Community Yard Sale

The community yard sale on Saturday 4 June was an enormous success. Many many thanks to all the fabulous community members that made the event possible! What a wonderful day! We look forward to doing it again in the autumn!

– Leslie Morris

Smashville Food Truck

Come to the Haw Creek Commons on Wednesday the 25th of May (tomorrow!) to enjoy the Smashville Food Truck! Then swing by the community garden to help get things growing!

Food truck 5-8pm
Gardening 6:30 – 7:30pm
315 Old Haw Creek Rd. (aka, the Bethesda United Methodist Church)

Contact the Commons for details (see flyer, below)

News and Notes: 19 May 2022

The newly elected Board of Directors met for the first time on Wednesday 18 May 2022 at the Haw Creek Commons.

Since the April election, four committees have met to initiate a range of projects throughout the community. Work has begun on the Masters Park parking area; Clean and Green are hosting their first official litter pick-up on Sunday 5 June (details below); and the Community Outreach Committee is planning a community yard sale for Saturday 4 June (details also below).

At the meeting, a proposed single-use plastics ban was discussed. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Letter to the Editor in from Anna Alsobrook in the Mountain Xpress, as well as this article about plastics in our local environment.

Community Yard Sale
Saturday 4 June 2022 from 8am – 1pm at the Groce United Methodist Church. Spaces are $15. All proceeds support the Haw Creek Community Association. Please contact Leslie Morris at for more information.

Litter Clean-Up
Don gloves and boots to meet Marti and the team on Sunday 5 June at 10am in front of Creekside for a litter clean-up. Grabbers and bags will be supplied.

Latest News and Public Meeting Follow-Up

Thanks to the 50+ residents who attended the April 19th annual meeting of the Haw Creek Community Association!

At the meeting, we elected a new Board of Directors and heard from the Mayor about a number of issues affecting the community. Since then, the new Board has hit the ground running: all four program committees have already met (or will meet tonight!); and we have some modest, but significant successes, to report.

Committee reports:

Haw Creek Park Committee: Had its first meeting 4:30pm Monday 5/2 at the picnic shelter in the park. Thanks to Jim Brunner for making this happen. We will update you on their progress in the coming weeks.

Clean & Green Committee: Met for the first time Tuesday, May 2nd at 7pm at Creekside. Owners Anthony & Kim have kindly allowed us to gather there. Christina and Renate co-chaired this first meeting. The committee’s first litter pick-up is scheduled for Sunday 5 June at 10am – meet in the Creekside parking lot and bring your gloves! The event can be found on Facebook.

Community Outreach Committee: Will meet for the first time 6:30pm Thursday, May 5th at the library study room. Thanks to Christina and Pam for organizing this first meeting.

Upcoming Haw Creek events include the Haw Creek Elementary School PTA’s annual plant sale this Saturday from 8am to 3pm at Stillpoint Wellness at the corner of Tunnel Rd. and Beverly Rd. See the PTA’s Facebook page or our post here.

The Association also sponsored the watercolor activity at the Haw Creek Common’s Spring Welcome.

Sidewalks, Greenways & Pedestrian Safety Committee: Had its first meeting at 8am Friday 27 April at Creekside. Full disclosure, this was a previously scheduled meeting with CoA Transportation Director Ken Putnam, and CoA Traffic Engineer (and Haw Creek resident) Chris Cairns. We had ten residents present including board members, Sarah, Meghan, Renate, and myself. Andrew Ross, the owner of The Whale, also joined us and had a most positive attitude.

The purpose of the meeting was to hear the results of a traffic study of Beverly Rd. The City recognizes Haw Creek’s downtown is getting busier with ever increasing interactions between pedestrians and vehicles. The proposal tabled was modest: reduction of speed limit from 30 to 25mph in the area below Avon Rd., and increased signage about pedestrians in the same area. Signage change can happen quickly. Speed reduction takes City Council approval–about two months.

All parties agreed this was only an initial action. We agreed to review again in six months as the area is expected to undergo more changes in the coming year with new sidewalks on New Haw Creek, the new pedestrian bridge, new businesses and a new greenway connecting Beverly and Arco Roads.

The next item for the Sidewalks, Greenways & Pedestrian Safety Committee is to prepare a report outlining options for expanding sidewalks on New Haw Creek and Old Haw Creek Rds., per the results of the community survey indicating strong support for this option.

Finally: since the 4/19 annual meeting, the concern expressed to the mayor about lack of action on the Arco Rd. greenway has resulted in action. The property owners who offered an easement over two years ago report receiving from the City paperwork related to formalizing the greenway easement: a small, but vital, step forward.

Other News

We have been forced to move Facebook page’s due to changes to Facebook policy. Please “like” and “follow” our new page at, and bear with us as we learn to navigate it!

In related news, the Board would like to establish a Communications Committee to manage this website, our Facebook page, the addition of new members to the contact list, and possibly create a communications strategy. If you’d like to get involved, contact Meghan – or Chris –

BearWise: Tips for All of Us

Given the uptick in human-bear interaction in our community, neighbor Sarah Oram has these top tips from BearWise to to keep everyone safe!

BearWise Haw Creek participants agree to:

  • Not put out their garbage until collection day morning, and to secure it (in a garage, shed, or locked area) throughout the week
  • Not feel bears directly
  • Secure or remove unintended bear food sources around the house (birdseed, dirty grills, pet food, garbage, etc)
  • Contact State Assistant Biologist, Ashley Hobbs ( to report escalated bear behavior and to secure/remove any bear attractants for at least two weeks after the reported incident
  • Notify NC Wildlife’s Justin McVey on 828 273 7980 about any bear encounters that feel unusually aggressive to humans or pets
  • Educate Haw Creek neighbors and friends about BearWise recommendations for the safety of both humans and bears

Sarah would like to organize neighborhoods in Haw Creek for BearWise certification. If you are interested in learning more, please contact her on 828 298 4893 or


Feature image from Pixabay