Update on the New Haw Creek Sidewalk Project

November 2 Email from Vinnie Sullivan:

We received preliminary plans for the project from our design consultant early this week. The City will need to review the plans and walk the project area to see what changes, in any, we’d like to see. Following that, we’ll schedule a community meeting to gauge community reaction and ask for ‘final’ plans based on the community and NC DOT review. Since there’s a federal funding component, we’ll need to have the plans put through that review process as well. It’s a long process, but this area is not an easy one to design a sidewalk for (we say that the easy ones are built already). Since we’ll also need to plan utility relocations, easement acquisitions, etc., we expect to begin construction on the project within the next 18 months or so.

Vinnie Sullivan, PE, CFM

Project Manager

City of Asheville, Capital Projects Management Division

East Asheville Library Update from Chair of East Asheville Friends

UPDATED ON 11/15: The vote for the library funding is on the Commissioners’ November 20 agenda. Please bring a book to hold up (versus applause) to ID who’s there for the library. The Commissioners’ meet at 5:00 pm at 200 College Street, Room 326, downtown Asheville.


Commissioners (current and future) need to see you and hear from you!

We have good reason to believe the decision on a new library for East will be coming up in November, and want you to be up to date so we can make our voices heard.

If you love libraries, and would like to live in a community where the library is a special centerpiece, then this is the time for you to step up and let ALL County commissioners and candidates know.

There have been continuous delays since 2007. Beginning in 2015, community pushing brought about serious discussion of a new building to replace our overcrowded and outdated library. The County Commissioners and staff have been talking about it through 2016, 2017, and 2018. After an early Spring 2018 presentation and community representatives’ input with architects and engineers, we are waiting for Commissioners’ approval in November. They are concerned that it’s over the original budget created three years ago. Construction costs have gone up about 6% every year – which would mean a cost now of $5.4 million due in large part to the County’s delay.  

It’s an awkward time politically: East Asheville Library’s neighborhoods are represented by Commissioners Al Whitesides (alfred.whitesides@buncombecounty.org; running unopposed) and Jasmine Beach-Ferrara (jasmine.beach-ferrara@buncombecounty.org), both of whom will support a new building, and they need to know we have their backs! That’s two ––we need four of the seven commissioners’ votes:


District 2:

District 3:

It will take four of seven votes to pass the current plan, which is being touted as $1.5 million over what commissioners planned to spend. Our District 1 has two commissioners in place, Mr. Whitesides (unopposed) and Ms. Beach-Ferrara. When the newly elected candidates might be seated is unknown; before the library-building vote – or after. All need to hear from you now. AND PLEASE do your part to show up at a County Commissioners meeting when asked. We need at least 25 people to be present to back up our presentation. We hope you will line the walls! We have been told by two officials it will be on the Nov. 20 agenda, but that is not yet official.

Since a new library began to be discussed in late 2015, Asheville construction costs –not surprisingly– have gone up –as much as 0.6% per month. Some commissioners are not happy with a $1+ million overage. The new library will be a 22% increase over the guesstimated cost of about three years ago. The City and County have agreed to the land-use for the library. An EA friend’s bequest of over $100,000, held by the County for use of the East Asheville Library, has paid for architectural plans, surveys and technical assistance. It is largely wasted should they decide to go back to the drawing board to cut.

The City is cooperating on outside recreational area improvements. Staff will have adequate work-space, as opposed to a row of cabinets smaller than today’s kitchens. Small study areas as well as larger meeting space(s) are planned.

Safety concerns: Restrooms will be INSIDE(!) and meet today’s regulations. Parking will no longer mean backing out into city streets (now illegal). The design would allow staff to view the whole library from their work-stations. And we trust the over-regulation high shelving will be a thing of the past. LEED certification means saving utility $$$ as well as the Earth. The exterior design is in keeping with East Asheville. Many library patrons who have enjoyed Friends’ programs in rented church buildings will be pleased to know there will be meeting-rooms at the library!

Once the County votes to provide the money for the current plans, it will hold a community-wide meeting to unveil current plans to all. Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board and another delay.

Emily Cooper

(Chair, East Asheville Friends)

POSTPONED: Community Vision Meeting on 10/23

Dear Neighbors,

Unfortunately, due to our facilitator’s last-minute cancellation, we are having to postpone the Community Vision Meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday, October 23. The HCCA Board of Directors is working hard to find a new date for this important conversation about our neighborhood’s priorities for the future. In the meantime, our community survey remains open and gives you an additional way to provide feedback about what’s important to you.

We are fully committed to leading this process forward and will be sharing a new date for the meeting with you soon. Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@ilovehawcreek.com.

As always, thank you for helping to make Haw Creek a great community.
With great appreciation,
The Haw Creek Community Association

Fall Happenings at Haw Creek Elementary

Another school year has begun at Haw Creek Elementary School and the PTA is full of plans for a great year. The Goodwill Donate to Educate trailer will be at Haw Creek Elementary from October 8-22 in the lower parking lot off of the Bethesda Road Entrance. If you have things to donate, please consider donating at the trailer during that time. The school receives a set donation per pound collected, so now is the time to get rid of those old doorstops and weight machines! But seriously, every little bit helps. This year we hope to use the money raised to finally fulfill our plan of installing a new swing set on the playground. We will also be collecting Box Tops for education again this fall—those are the little squares you see on some food and paper product packaging. We collect them and send them back to the organization and then all those little scraps of paper become supplies and books for the classrooms. If you have some please feel free to drop them off at the office which is off of the Trinity Chapel Road entrance. And finally, we are always looking for community volunteers who would like to help us keep our gardens looking nice. If gardening is your passion and you would like to volunteer please email us at hawcreekptavolunteers@gmail.com. Thanks again for all the support the community shows the school. I think it is great that our kids are growing up knowing that their neighborhood cares about them and their educations.

Article by Betsy Couzins, PTA President

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