Community Conversations Sept. 27th

When does a neighborhood become a community? Through connections between its residents! Join us for Community Conversations, a HCCA-sponsored opportunity to talk with and get to know your fellow denizens of Haw Creek. This is a fun and casual event, open to any adult who lives in the Haw Creek Valley. All you need to bring is curiosity about your fellow residents and a willingness to share your own story with others.

The next conversation event takes place at the Haw Creek Commons (basement of the Bethesda United Methodist Church, 315 OHC Rd)) from 7:00-9:00 on Tuesday, September 27th. We hope you join us to meet new people and potential friends. More details? Contact Rick Fornoff at

Community Yard Sale October 8th – NEW DATE!

Plan ahead to reserve your spot at Groce UMC for the fall yard sale Sat. Oct. 8th from 8am to 1pm. Sponsored by the Haw Creek Community Association, vendor spots are $15. To reserve your space, call or text Leslie Morris at (828) 231-2745 or The spring yard sale was a hit so don’t miss out.

If you’d like to print out and share the flier, click HCCA 2022 Yard Sale Flyer Fall Oct.

Invasive Plant Workshop Sat Oct. 8th, 10am-12pm

Join us for a fun and informative invasive plant educational session and work day in Haw Creek Park. We’re looking for 30 volunteers to help remove the “kudzu curtains” that have taken over trees and shrubs along Avon Road, along with invasives like English ivy and bittersweet that are creeping into the walking trails. 
Many Haw Creek homeowners are faced with the same predicament—fast-growing invasives from other parts of the world have settled in at our doorsteps and are choking out our native vegetation. As good stewards of our personal properties, and of our community as a whole, we will all benefit from this educational/experiential workshop offered by Asheville GreenWorks on Saturday, October 8, 10 am to noon.
GreenWorks will provide hands-on instruction, tools, safety gear to remove invasive plants including: multiflora rose, privet, bittersweet, english ivy and kudzu. Please bring gloves and your water bottle. We will be moving around the wooded areas so long sleeves and closed-toed shoes are recommended.
Participation for kudzu removal is limited to 30 so please register today at Everyone is welcome to attend and registration is not required to just listen and learn.
Haw Creek Park
40 Avon Road
Asheville, NC 28805

Saturday, October 8, 2022

10 am to 12 pm

City Council Candidates Forum October 4th

Working together again, the Haw Creek Community Association and Evergreen Community Charter School are co-sponsoring a city council candidates forum Tuesday, Oct. 4th at 7pm at the Evergreen campus, 50 Bell Rd.

Unique about this program is that students will moderate and lead the event although everyone present will be able to submit questions.

Six candidates are vying for three seats in the Nov. 8th election.

Come meet the candidates and show the kids the grownups are paying attention.

Clean & Green Committee Reclaims Overgrown Sidewalks

Although Asheville ordinances call for property owners to keep sidewalks free of grass and snow, sometimes a little help is needed. Led by Haw Creek Community Asso. members Marti Terry-Purdy, Doug Baughman, Linda Fornoff and Georgena Millar, weed-filled sidewalks on New Haw Creek Rd. are looking fresh and shiny after their recent efforts.

Want to get involved in helping Haw Creek look its best? Join the Clean & Green Committee to make a difference, plus have fun and meet neighbors. Details? contact Christina Maggi at

What Goes in the Blue Recycling Bin

Many of us try hard to maximize the stuff we recycle these days, but it continues to be a challenge to decide what’s “really” recyclable. Just because an item has the recycling logo (the little triangle) on the bottom, doesn’t mean that it’s accepted by Curbie ( – the company that Asheville uses for recycling services. So, we did a little research to help clarify things for Haw Creek residents.

The standard materials that are acceptable include:

  • Metal cans
  • Plastic containers: milk jugs, juice containers, food containers, etc.
  • Glass bottles: clear, brown, and green
  • Mixed paper
  • Corrugated cardboard

What they don’t take are:

  • Plastic bags
  • Aluminum foil
  • Black microwavable trays
  • Plastic film (bubble and plastic wrap)
  • Styrofoam/packing peanuts
  • Dishes or window glass

So what can you do to keep these other materials out of the land fill? Here are some good options:

  • Plastic bags and wrap (grocery bag, bread sleeves, TP covering, etc) – most grocery stores, notably Ingles
  • Bubble wrap/packing air pillows – UPS (any location)
  • Black microwaveable trays – Publix on Hendersonville
  • Styrofoam/packing peanuts – Publix
  • Dishes – donate them or Asheville Transfer Station if broken
  • Motor oil bottles (empty) – Advance Auto or AutoZone
  • Metal items that are not cans – Biltmore Iron & Metal
  • Mirror and window glass – Habitat for Humanity REStore

For other items, check out the GreenWorks ( Hard 2 Recycle events that are held quarterly. Hard 2 Recycle brings together many specialty recycling services in one place to handle an impressive breadth of your household waste including electronics, phones, computers, and Styrofoam. The next date is September 17th at Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock.

Keep up the recycling efforts and let’s keep the Haw Creek community clean and green!

Neighborhood update

Dear Haw Creek Community Asso. member,

With this message, your board of directors is excited to report two important developments.

First, we now have a direct method for communicating with you. This Listserv is only for dues-paying members. Instead of hoping you spot our messages on Facebook or Next Door, we can now communicate directly with Haw Creek Association members. We won’t flood your in-box but will share timely and relevant news that affects you and the Haw Creek community.

Second, the board of directors is undertaking our first fundraising campaign to make tangible improvements here in Haw Creek. Below is our campaign plan and goal for building a parking lot and kiosk for Masters Park. We’re hopeful you agree and consider supporting this initiative.

For more information and a flyer you can print and share, follow this link.

Thank you,
Chris Pelly, President

Masters Park Challenge

Longtime residents of Haw Creek may recall the 2009 campaign which led to creation of Masters Park. Our community association partnered with Buncombe County and the City of Asheville with each providing a third of the $720,000 purchase price for the nine-acre site on Maple Drive which is now Masters Park. At the time the plan was to build a parking lot but it was during the Great Recession and funds were limited.

Fast forward twelve years. The park is well loved with an estimated 15,000 visitors a year. However we still only have roadside parking with erosion and congestion worsening. For this reason our community association is undertaking a fundraising campaign to build a 12-vehicle parking lot and kiosk for Masters Park.

We successfully fundraised before and we feel like we can again–with your help. The budget for these improvements is $25,000. Our goal is raising this amount by June 30th with improvements completed by September 30th, 2021.

Tax deductible donations can be made via our website: Donate button at bottom of homepage.

By mail, please send donation checks to HCCA at P O Box 9193, Asheville, NC 28815.

To print a handy flyer about this project, Click Here.

Current parking at Masters Park

Q and A about this plan:

Why isn’t the City of Asheville building the parking lot?

This parking lot is considered a ‘Capital Improvement’ by Asheville Parks & Recreation. At present, this department has a 4+ year waiting list of capital improvements. As roadside erosion at Masters Park is worsening, the board of directors of the community association determined we cannot wait four years to fix this problem.

Why is an off-road parking lot needed?

Current visitors can only park alongside Maple Drive which tends to block traffic on this narrow roadway, especially delivery trucks and other larger vehicles. If needed, once the parking lot is completed, ‘No Parking’ signs may be posted on the road.

How many vehicles will the lot hold?

Our goal is a parking lot for twelve vehicles.

Why do we need a kiosk?

The kiosk is to provide information about Masters Park and its unique eco-system. To learn more, please read the Summer, 2020 newsletter linked on this website under the Community News header.

Who is Masters Park named after?

Rory and Hazel Masters were life-long Haw Creek residents who helped found the Haw Creek volunteer fire department among other contributions. For more about the Masters family, please read the Fall, 2008 newsletter linked on this website under the Community News header.

East Asheville Library update Feb 23

“East Asheville Library fans are eager for a construction update, and we aim to please. While construction on the new facility is moving along and on schedule, there are still some important steps to go before we turn the final page on this project.”

Click through for more info and a picture gallery of the current state of the library.