Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Masters Park
101 Maple Drive

Charlie Bullman Park
719 New Haw Creek Rd.

Haw Creek Elementary Nature Trail
21 Trinity Chapel Rd.

Haw Creek Park
40 Avon Road

Haw Creek’s Wildflower Trail

There are numerous flowering plants, including those pictured here, growing along the hiking trail in the 9-acre Masters Park (off Maple Drive in Haw Creek) and along the short, connecting section of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail that leads to the Haw Creek overlook rock. Click or tap the button below to see a list of over 210 different wildflowers that have been observed and identified along the above-described route by long-time Haw Creek resident and Blue Ridge Naturalist, Bernard Arghiere.


East Asheville Recreation Club


East Asheville Public Library

3 Avon Road, Asheville, NC 28805


East Asheville Tailgate Market

954 Tunnel Rd, Asheville, NC 28805


May through September

(Every Friday afternoon 3-6pm at Groce United Methodist Church parking lot)