2022 Winter Newsletter

The latest Haw Creek Community Association newsletter¬†should arrive in your mailbox today! The newsletter summarizes the results of the 2021 Growth and Development Survey, and includes some great updates about Master’s Park and the Beverley Rd. pedestrian bridge.

Full survey results are available below. Results have been alphabetized / randomized to protect respondents’ identities.

Question 1 – Are Sidewalks a Priority for You?

Question 2 – Which Streets Should Have Sidewalks?

Question 3 – How else would you improve pedestrian safety in Haw Creek?

Question 4 – Do you support a Greenway for Haw Creek?

Question 5 – Where would you put a Greenway?

Question 6 – Would you support acquisition and preservation of land in Haw Creek?

Question 7 – Use of Preserved Land

Question 8 – Do you use Haw Creek Park?

Question 9 – Why do you use, or not use, Haw Creek Park?

Question 10 – What improvements would you make to Haw Creek Park?

Question 11 – What are the traffic hot spots for drivers and pedestrians?

Question 12 – How would you protect and preserve the natural beauty of Haw Creek?

Question 13 – What are the most pressing environmental issues facing our community?

Questions 14 & 15 – Community Association events and initiatives

Question 16 – What did we miss?