The Experience of Trees

Ally Fouts, McCullough Fellow at UNC Asheville, is conducting research about how the tree canopy affects the well-being of Asheville residents.

As a part of this research, Ally is distributing a virtual survey to gain an understanding of how Asheville residents perceive and value trees. The survey will be brief (approximately 10 minutes to complete), anonymous, and limited to Asheville residents who are at least 18 years old.

You can find the survey at: 

Ally also hopes to conduct interviews (30 – 45 minutes) with a few residents from each neighborhood in pursuit of a more enriching discussion about these topics. Questions will be related to the amount of trees in the neighborhood, perception of trees, personal impact of trees, and what tree-related actions should be taken in the neighborhood. Insight shared with the interview will be anonymized in any published reports, unless the participant requests otherwise.

Interested parties can fill in this confidential form: