Renate Rikkers Awarded for ‘Dogged Determination’

Dear Haw Creek Neighbors,


Please join me in congratulating our neighbor, Renate Rikkers, who was honored June 28th for her years of service to the Haw Creek community. Below is the statement explaining how she made a difference, in so many ways, to our community. Thank you, Renate!

Chris Pelly

From our public meeting on 28 June – 

Before we close tonight, there is one more item for which I seek your attention. The Haw Creek Community Association relies on volunteers from the community to help us achieve our goals. The best of these volunteers bring a high level initiative and tenacity to this work.

Believe or not, when we are promoting issues important to the Haw Creek community, sometimes we run into delays and setbacks and obstructions. Sometimes we’re told to wait.

So, it takes a special strength of character to keep going and keep moving forward. And sometimes it takes even more. Sometimes it takes, quite frankly,  dogged determination – a character trait I believe is oftentimes undervalued.

Maybe we all can’t be the fastest, or the strongest, or the youngest anymore; but dogged determination is a superpower available to anyone – if we choose to use it.

One member of the Haw Creek Community Association  has consistently demonstrated this trait.

Let me tell you about her:

  • She initiated and organized weekly food trucks in the middle of the pandemic to help keep our community connected
  • She has organized, for several years, litter clean up efforts throughout our valley
  • She has made many personal visits to the Public Works Department, the Department of Transportation, Asheville Greenworks, and many other agencies, all in service of building effective working relationships between the Haw Creek community and these institutions
  • She has lead efforts on enforcement against illegal signs so our community can look its best
  • When barking dogs were a noisy scourge in our community, she led efforts to strengthen the animal control ordinance
  • To promote safety and connection between neighbors, she has organized a phone tree on her street–something we might consider on our own street
  • And, with her friendly and on-going outreach, she has recruited multiple volunteers for this very community association

Tonight we salute Renate Rikkers for her can-do attitude on behalf of our community. Her Dogged Determination is an example of living a purposeful life in service to others. Renate is tough and strong and determined; and she makes a difference. Her Dogged Determination has made a difference over and over for the Haw Creek community.

Tonight we present Renate Rikkers with the Dogged Determination award for her selfless service to Haw Creek and Asheville. Because of Renate we’re a better, cleaner, and more social community. This award is our recognition of this fact. Thank you, Renate!