Asheville’s Proposed New Noise Ordinance: A Call to Action

by Patrick Gilbert

The City of Asheville has released its draft Noise Ordinance, and it is asking for public comment, before making any further changes and presenting it to the City Council in the Spring.

Haw Creek residents are fortunate in that, unlike those in West Asheville, downtown, North Montford, and other neighborhoods, we’re relatively unharmed by excessive noise disturbance from bars, large construction projects or large outdoor music venues–for now.

But as the City embarks on implementing urban centers and other large mixed-use high-density projects along the major corridors, such as Tunnel Rd, that could easily and quickly change.

It will be easier to advocate changes to protect the quality of life of all residential neighborhoods now, than it will be once an ordinance is in place.

The City has extended its public input until Monday, Dec. 14. Click here to get to the City’s Noise Ordinance page, scroll down to the bar and find the Feedback Form.

Additionally, here

is the link to a handy guide created by the Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods that shows the key issues of the draft Noise Ordinance and sample language to use in your feedback comments.