Preliminary Design Plans for the Bell-Beverly Sidewalk

Click here to view the preliminary design plans.

The preliminary design plans are at the 30% design stage and let you see which side of the road the sidewalk will be on. Basically, the new sidewalk starts off on the west side of New Haw Creek Road near Beverly Road and then crosses back and forth three more times so as to avoid steep and narrow areas, eventually ending at Bell Road/Charlie Bullman Park.

The design plans call for installing curb and gutter along one side of the existing roadway, adding a 6′ wide sidewalk behind the new curb and gutter, and providing ADA ramps as needed. This design will look similar to the prior section of sidewalk along New Haw Creek Road between Arco Road and Beverly Road.

The City of Asheville expects the design plans to be finished toward the end of this calendar year. After that, the timeline for construction depends on a number of things, such as Right-Of-Way and easement acquisition as well as obtaining a successful bidder. Once construction begins, a preliminary estimate for completion is approximately 15 months.

If the sidewalk does not fit in existing Right-Of-Way (public-owned / maintained property), then the City will have to acquire Right-Of-Way from the affected neighbors to cover the new sidewalk. The City will also likely need Temporary Construction Easements. These allow access room to build the sidewalk but go away after construction is completed.

For additional information about the project, please contact Lora Sepion, Project Manager, Capital Projects Department: 828-575-4385,