Hello Haw Creek Community, 

The City of Asheville recently released their Draft Routing Recommendations for city bus service as part of their Transit Master Plan.

These recommendations include reducing the bus service in Haw Creek to only four trips per weekday during peak hours.

If these recommendations are approved, the only bus service to Haw Creek would be one westbound trip and one eastbound trip in both the morning and afternoon. There would be no weekend bus service in Haw Creek. To learn more about the proposed changes, please visit the City of Asheville’s website on the Transit Master Plan.

These proposed recommendations would greatly affect many of our neighbors. The city is requesting public comment on these recommendations through Monday, April 9. Please contact Elias Mathes, transit planning manager, by phone at 828-232-4522 and email at

You may use this ART Questionnaire to guide your response.

 A Haw Creek Community Association board member attended the first public meeting on the draft routing recommendations on March 26, 2018 and we plan to have representation at the second public meeting for the final plan presentation on May 21. If you would like to reach the HCCA, please email us at

Please share your questions and concerns about the reduction of city bus service with Elias Mathes ( by Monday, April 9.

Finally, we would like to share a letter we received from a neighbor concerned about how these proposed changes will affect him.


Dear Neighbor,

I am writing to inform you of proposed changes to the Asheville Transit services in Haw Creek, and ask you to take action on these proposed changes. 

On Monday, March 26th, the City of Asheville presented a draft of the city’s Master Transit Plan to expand and improve bus service throughout the city.  In order to expand city services, the plan includes reducing bus service in Haw Creek from fourteen runs per day (hourly daytime service) to four runs per day (two in the early morning and two in the late afternoon).  In other words, the City is expanding services by practically eliminating Haw Creek’s services.

Do you or a neighbor utilize the City bus service, even if not on a regular basis?  Do you take the bus downtown to avoid parking issues?  If you do, with the proposed changes, it won’t happen, unless you go downtown in the morning and stay all day.  Being blind, I personally use the bus service on a regular basis.  If the proposed changes go through, I will have no means of independent travel other than taxi services which can get quite costly.  That’s why I am asking you to take action to maintain bus service at it’s current level.

The City is currently taking comments on the proposed changes to the Transit System through May 21st, when a final public meeting will be held on the proposed changes.  Please consider doing either or both of the following actions:

  1.  Write to Elias Mathes, the Transit Planning Manager, and let him know that we in Haw Creek want bus service maintained at its current level.  His email address is
  2.  Attend the public meeting to be held on May 21, at the Asheville Public Works building at 161 South Charlotte Street from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  (I find it interesting that the public meetings are held at the time when Haw Creek buses don’t run.) 

For more information on the proposed Transit Master Plan, please visit the website

Thank you for your attention to this very important issue for Haw Creek.  Bus service is probably the highest level of service we receive from the City.  Let’s hope we can keep it. 


Steven Obremski

38C Morning Glory Drive