A Note From Your Secretary

It has been an eventful year serving as Secretary of the HCCA.

This past year the Board and I accomplished a great deal. We created an entirely new website and logo that everyone seems to be enjoying along with a re-design of the FACEBOOK page which is constantly growing in followers, and switched the newsletter to a digital format. We created stickers for sale to raise money (Bears Love Haw Creek) along with setting up a business sponsor page on the website. So far these two projects have raised over $1300 for the association in a very short time. With some help from members we should easily be able to grow that number. Thank you to al the participating Business Sponsors. We are excited to be working with you.

My goal has been to help improve the HCCA. I believe that I was successful and now it is time for me to step aside and allow someone else to take over with their ideas and passion. I will stay involved on a very limited basis to help keep the website up to date and send out the digital newsletters (if the new board decides to keep it going).

Along with spending many hours working with the HCCA I have my own Real Estate business called REALTY 828. I have lived in Haw Creek since 2005 and I love this community and its rural feel. I want to see it prosper and not turn into an overdeveloped area like what is happening over many places in Asheville. If you would like to talk about your concerns for the community or have any questions about Real Estate I would love to talk with you. Call anytime.

Paula Marzella –┬áREALTY 828