Follow Up To The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Meeting

Minutes from Haw Creek Community Mtg 10/9/17 @ Evergreen Charter School
Attendance: About 120 people

From the City of Asheville:
Mayor Esther Manheimer
Transportation Dept. Director Ken Putnam
Asst. City Manager Cathy Ball
Asst. City Manager for Capital Projects Jade Dundas

From the N.C. Dept of Transportation:
Anna Henderson, Division Traffic Engineer
Troy Wilson, District Engineer

Audience comments, concerns, ideas & suggestions:

— speed enforcement (multiple)
— almost hurt walking; “brush back by vehicles” (multiple)
— desire to walk safely to schools, library, parks, bus stops and pool (multiple)
— Waters Rd traffic calming stalled (multiple)
— roads have exceeded capacity, more development will only make worse
— traffic light or 4-way stop at Beverly & NHC intersection

— speeding, especially on Waters Rd, Cisco Rd, NHC & OHC Rds,
— traffic calming needed on Waters Rd, Swanger Rd
— repaving, especially Beverly and Cisco Rds

Ideas and suggestions:
— bike racks at schools
— camera speed traps
— widen NHC and OHC roads for bike lanes
— walking paths in backyard flood plain above sewer lines along NHC Rd
— make NHC and OHC each one-way to free up space for bike lanes and sidewalks
— expand NHC 2-3’ on either side to create bike lane space
— expand sidewalks where most feasible and not necessarily continuous