Let’s Make Haw Creek Safe for Walking And Bike Riders

By Chris Pelly

You’ve seen it: The moms with strollers, or the joggers, or the kids, or the bike riders, all straddling the edge of New or Old Haw Creek Road. It gives you a shiver knowing how easily things could go deadly wrong.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can make it safer to move about in our community. Haw Creek residents have come together before to improve things and we can do it again.

Plan to join us 7pm Monday, October 9th when we welcome Esther Manheimer, Mayor of Asheville, and Anna Henderson, Division Traffic Engineer for the N.C. Dept. of Transportation, to discuss how to make our community safer for walking and biking. The meeting will take place in Evergreen Charter School at 50 Bell Road.

Have questions or need more information please contact:
Thomas Wolfe (828) 712-6062 or twolfe3@gmail.com
Chris Pelly (828) 231-3704 or chris@chrispelly.com
Members, Haw Creek Community Association hawcreeknc@gmail.com