Spotlight On East Asheville – Nothing New, Inc

by, Linda Stanton

Nothing New, Inc. Used Furniture; BUY, SELL, CONSIGN

When you walk into the large open space at 811A Tunnel Rd, as the name suggests, you won’t see anything new. What you will see is an eclectic collection of used furniture, home décor items and other accessories. The store concept is at once a consignment shop, booth space for vendors as well select pieces curated from area auctions. With all the antique shops, thrift stores and furniture outlets in the Asheville region, Nothing New offers a unique shopping experience to customers looking for a wide variety of quality pieces at reasonable prices.

The business was started over six years ago by Steve Slagle who sold it to friend and fellow-business owner Brandon Snyder in 2015. Brandon grew up in West Asheville but his family settled in Redwood Forest here in East Asheville upon returning from an out of state move. Many members of his extended family also have Asheville area small business in trucking, auto sales and repair, body work and others. After serving in the Army, he went into business himself, owning a convenience store in Swannanoa for several years. Brandon had been looking for something different at the time Nothing New became available. Interested in the East Asheville area, he made an offer and the rest is history as they say.

Brandon tells us, “When Steve first opened he was solely consignment. I have been working to build the vendor spaces and bring in pieces from dealer and estate auctions to be able to offer a variety of styles.” He explains that the consignment business in the region is changing and seems to be based on home sales. When people move to the mountains from other places they are often downsizing and have furniture and home goods to sell. While this trend continues, there is also a growing number of folks who want to have their own thing “on the side” which is where the booth rentals come in. Vendors offer pieces they have curated, created, refinished, upcycled, you name it.

“While we don’t specialize in any particular style, we seem to get a lot of Early American, Art Deco, Mid Century Modern and some Contemporary. I mostly take higher quality pieces made of solid wood, not pressed wood pieces you see so much of,” he says. As far as price point, there are some higher end pieces and sets but generally Nothing New offers mid-range and some lower cost options. This provides style and price options for different customer’s needs.

Nothing New is a different store every week, sometimes even every day. “Things are constantly changing, so I get a lot of repeat customers,” says Brandon. Furniture options generally include, couches, chairs, dining sets, dressers, side tables are bed frames (although no mattresses), baker’s racks, book cases and more. As for home décor there are usually many lamp choices, framed art, rugs, accent pieces, mirrors, etc. Take a look at the Facebook page for featured items. As he continues to grow the business, he hopes to be able to offer furniture repair and upholstery services onsite in the future.

If you are interested in becoming a consignor: Consignments accepted by appointment.

Decide what you are ready to sell. Make sure it is clean and not broken, frayed or has pet odors. To make the process quicker for you, send an email picture. “I try to take consignments in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when foot traffic is a little lower than around the weekends but we can make arrangements as needed. We can help with lower cost pick up options as well. The consignment contract is for four months. It is a 50/50 split and the customer and I decide upon a price together,” he explains. Check out the website for more details.

Brandon Snyder invites his East Asheville neighbors and visitors to stop in and see what is ‘new’ at Nothing New, Inc. They accept cash, checks, credit cards and 30-day layaway with 30% down.

811A Tunnel Road in Asheville


Tuesday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday               11 am – 5 pm
Sunday                   1 pm – 5 pm
Monday                 Closed