Spotlight On East Asheville – Penny Cup Coffee

Article courtesy of Kathryn Liss

I am so pleased to have this new establishment in our neighborhood! A real coffeehouse. I don’t actually drink coffee myself, but there is plenty else to enjoy at this new establishment.

On my visit the other day, I enjoyed a freshly made cup of peppermint tea with ingredients stored in glass and a bagel. The bagels come from Brueggers and were fresh and good. They use them to make sandwiches, too. You can get a smoked salmon, turkey, hummus or veggie sandwich. They make their own specialty cream cheeses. They have other baked goods, some which are gluten free. There is a wide selection of drinks as well. All their coffee is organic and fair trade. They have a variety of cold drinks, both coffee and tea as well as Izzy’s soft drinks, sparkling water and Italian soda. You can choose to use almond or soymilk in your coffee as well.
The space is attractive and clean with a bright mural on the long wall portraying people sitting in the café larger than life. There is seating for 30 people both at low and high tables and a couple of tables outside. No couches or upholstered chairs. There were several other people in and out when I was there even though it was the middle of the afternoon. I have met the proprietor, but it was a young woman serving when I finally was able to stop in for a drink.

We did try to stop by on Easter Sunday but they were closed with a sign that said they would only be closed three days a year: Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving.


For more information contact  Penny Cup Coffee