HCCA Newsletter And Information Site

The HCCA newsletter is an important way to build a sense of community and to keep that community informed of news and events that directly affect Haw Creek. From longtime residents to people just moving into the neighborhood, everyone needs to know what’s going on in and around Haw Creek and that the HCCA is helping to look after the community’s best interests. In the past we have tried to send out a print newsletter to all of Haw Creek quarterly, but doing so is expensive. Sending a print newsletter to all of Haw Creek is the primary Association expenditure, and recently it’s taken notably more than the Association has collected in membership fees.

The solution is that we have move to electronic delivery of the newsletter and blog style posting on the website with current community news. We will post the newsletters here on the Association web site so you can access archives posts and past newsletters. Although electronic delivery will keep our costs down and allow for more frequent newsletters, it won’t reach the entire neighborhood. We currently have contact information for just under half the neighborhood, and no mechanism for reaching out to new neighbors as they move in.

If you would like to receive the newsletter please SUBSCRIBE in the top right of this page. Please FORWARD TO A FRIEND if they have not been informed. If you would like to receive a newsletter by post please email us so we can make sure you get it. If you would like to contribute with an article, please email us at info@ilovehawcreek.com. Thank you for your support.