Council On Aging

Article courtesy of Zoe Trout

Call A Ride (CAR) is a volunteer transportation program that provides rides to seniors who can no longer drive or access public/community transportation (ART, Mountain Mobility, etc.). Volunteers use their own vehicles to transport seniors to their appointments, the grocery store or to meet other needs such as haircuts or voting.

Socializing with seniors volunteers provide social interaction, mental stimulation, and emotional support to local seniors.  The roles of the socializing with senior’s volunteers are to keep the senior connected with the community and the outside world, and to reduce the individual’s sense of isolation. Volunteers assist a senior in maintaining feelings of independence and self-worth, and to increase their social contacts while maintaining professional boundaries.

If you can volunteer contact Zoe Trout, Volunteer & Development Coordinator, 
(828) 277-8288 ext. 308