Comprehensive Plan & Unified Development City Of Asheville

Article courtesy of Barber Melton

Why Haw Creek residents must come together and make their ideas for how we will look 5 years from now as a neighborhood and what will changes to the UDO do to my property values, way of life, traffic, infrastructure, etc.

The Haw Creek Community Association was present at a forum sponsored By Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods and the Neighborhood Advisory Committee that was designed to prepare all of the

Neighborhoods in the city for the upcoming revisions that will be done over at least a 2 year period to upgrade the UDO and the Comprehensive Plan. We had 27 other neighborhoods there along with Planners, other City Staff, presentations were done by neighborhood associations that have registered plans for their community that took hard work, community input over several years, and then was accepted by City Council. Why should we care? If you do not have a plan in place, commercial intrusion into neighborhoods is being tried all over Asheville, people that live in the neighborhood should have a say as to how it will grow or change. We do not want a consultant or City staff to be the only persons with input on Haw Creek. Comprehensive Plan tells the City what residents want to see for their future and is a guide. The UDO is an ordinance (law) and will impact us because the City wants to have much more density among other things in Haw Creek and other areas. We must chart our own future.

I don’t want 8 or 16 units per acre, I don’t want our roads so clogged we can’t get in and out of the valley – these are just a few things that will be dealt with. But I urge you when the Haw Creek Association meets in January please be there to hear and ask questions. The RFP is ready to hire a consultants group from out of town or state to get this process started.

Barber Melton, is a Haw Creek Board member, member of Neighborhood Advisory Comm. and Co-President of Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods.