Spotlight On East Asheville – Welcome To Haw Creek?

Article courtesy of Linda Stanton

Look up the embankment as you turn from Tunnel Road onto Crockett Avenue heading to New Haw Creek Road and you will see a tall wooden sign welcoming you to the Haw Creek neighborhood. Or will you? Located on private property, the sign and accompanying landscaping is not maintained by the city or county. With the passage of time and our mountain weather taking their toll, the sign had become faded and overgrown.

Placed in 2000 by a coalition of Haw Creek residents and HCCA members, the sign has as stood silent sentry at the main entry point to our neighborhood all these years. Residents of Haw Creek wanted churches in the neighborhood listed. The sign was paid for in part by the churches whose names are featured on the sign: Antioch Christian Church, Asheville Gospel Chapel, Bethesda Methodist Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church and Fellowship FWB Church.

In an effort to create a more welcoming entry into the neighborhood, the Haw Creek Community Association got permission from the property owner where the sign is located and organized a clean-up. On June 6th members of the HCCA board gathered for an early morning work party. The group cleared brush, trimmed back overgrown limbs and raked leaves around the area. As a final touch the worn paint was freshened up. Now the Welcome to Haw Creek sign once again stands proudly, ushering residents and visitors into our community.