We Can’t Help You If We Can’t Find You!

Article courtesy of  Kelley Klope, Asheville Fire Department

The Asheville Fire Department would like to send an important message to the Haw Creek Community, one that could save your life. AFD responds to emergency calls daily and we normally reach our destinations quickly.  However, several avoidable factors often slow us down. One way residents can assist in lessening that response time is to help us find you.  Your house number is what we are looking for and if it is hidden or not displayed this will slow us down. No matter if it is a fire, a medical emergency or a child locked in a car, seconds count.  So please be sure your house has numbers, which are visible from the street.  AFD recommends numbers to be at least 6 inches high and contrast their background.  If your house is set back from the road, be sure your house number is displayed on a mailbox or a sign in your yard. We thank you ahead of time for your cooperation!