A Word From Ryan Justus

Article courtesy of Ryan Justus, Asheville Police Department, Haw Creek Community Resource Officer

A few reminders for the Haw Creek Community. First, there have been some issues regarding speeding on New Haw Creek Road and Old Haw Creek Road. Due to several complainants the traffic unit will be running radar to help keep our community safe. If you are a speeder, please slow down it’s not worth the heavy fines or hurting yourself or someone else.

Second, I know traffic is horrible on New Haw Creek Road as you are approaching Bethesda Road, especially when school is letting out. At the intersection of New Haw Creek Road and Bethesda Road, there is a gravel area to the right traveling east. Please do not pass on the right of a stopped vehicle, it is illegal. If you are in a rush to get somewhere, then leave early enough to beat the traffic or use a different route.

Finally, with Halloween approaching, please watch out for children on Halloween night. Parents, if your children are out enjoying Halloween, make sure an adult is with them and that everyone is wearing reflective clothing and that the group is carrying enough flashlights to make them visible to cars. Thank you for making Haw Creek a safe and enjoyable community.